Free Real Estate Seminar

How long is the seminar, and how many attend?
Will usually last less than 2 hours. Depending on where the seminar is held we allow different size groups to attend. Most seminars are currently located in business offices or King County Libraries.

Am I going to hear a sales pitch about something?
No, the seminar is put on by real estate professionals knowledgable about the buy and sell process. There will be no mortgage professional signing you up for pre-approvals, or real estate agents setting up future appointments.

Do I need to sign up or can I just show up?
Yes, you do need to sign up. Since space is limited and we very much need to know a head count prior to each seminar. Though we would not turn anyone away if at all possible, it is much easier on everyone if you to RSVP. Thank you.

Can you put on a seminar for a group that I set up?
Yes, we can provide the seminar at apartment complexs or businesses. Please contact us directly should you have any special requests.

Regence Realty representation of Buyers and Sellers

What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
A multiple listing service (MLS) is a computerized database of homes for sale in a specific region. A majority of real estate sales are a direct result of MLS exposure due to it's exposure to the regions real estate brokers and their agents. If you see a home advertised on the Internet, whether at an individual broker's site or a national data base covering various regions, chances are that information came from the properties local MLS database.

Is Regence Realty a licensed real estate broker?
Yes, Regence Realty is licensed as a real estate broker by the State of Washington. Our designated broker is licensed to sell real estate in Washington and is a member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

Are Regence Realty Buyer and Seller services limited to residential real estate?
No! All Regence Realty services can be applied to Residential, Condominium, Vacant Land, Farm & Ranch, Multi-Family, Manufactured Homes, and Commercial Property.

Is there an "MLS" data base which may be used by For Sale By Owners?
No! There is no FSBO MLS System. Their are 1000's of different Internet sites which will advertise themselves as a For Sale By Owner data base but their exposure is severely limited as compared to the "official" MLS system for your area. By getting your property listed in your local MLS system, it is then shared with 100's of other sites which post for sale properties including We use the MLS system which is used by Realtors in your area, and which is accessed by local brokers and agents in your area.

Do Realtors have buyers ready to buy my property?
Be careful not to be fooled, very rarely does this happen. Some agents claim they have buyers to obtain your listing, however this is often exaggerated and they most likely do not have a buyer waiting to purchase your property or possibly any property. If they do have a buyer, it is very unlikely the buyer is looking for a property with the same characteristics as yours. If in fact they do have a buyer, they are more than welcome and have incentive to show that buyer your home regardless of what firm lists your property in the MLS system. Very few homes are sold by the same agent that lists a property. Almost all sales are due to the properties being listed in the MLS system. The Regence Realty service really has no disadvantages as compared to a having your property listed by a traditional real estate agent.

Will my property be listed in some of the National Real Estate Data Bases?
Yes! In addition to the 100's of local real estate brokerage Internet data bases, your property will be listed in various larger National sites which you will also obtain exposure from. Such popular high traffic sites as:,,,, and have been known to frequently update their data bases from local MLS data. However, some of these sites do not include contact information since they are trying to provide realtors to potential buyers. But in most cases any property found can easily be researched by using information from other sites. Complete contact information and all listing data will be displayed on the web page Regence Realty will construct for you and is included with your flat listing fee, along with listing on the MLS system itself. Remember, it is the MLS system itself that will be giving you the most exposure since this is what the 1000's of real estate professional use.

Will Regence Realty provide legal advice the purchase contract, title, escrow, closing?
We do not give legal advice, since we are not lawyers. If you have legal contract issues you should always contact an attorney and not rely on any real estate professional.

What are the most important criteria to selling a property?
Price and Exposure. If you price your property at market value dependent on the condition and location of your property, it will sell with the right exposure. With Regence Realty's solution, your property is given the necessary market exposure, at the price you choose.

Once my property is listed, does Regence Realty continue to monitor my situation?
Yes! We continously monitor the property and how effective our various marketing efforts are, and communicate this status back to our clients. Please email or call us for any reason throughout the selling process. We stay with you and answer your questions until your transaction is complete.

#1 Buyers Service

Regence Realty has a comprehensive "buyer" program which provides you services from the start of your home requirements planning, through detailed searching and analysis, into your contract purchase and beyond.

#1 Sellers Service

Regence Realty has a comprehensive "seller" program provides a high quality marketing campaign that takes advantage of various customer focused and internet based real estate marketing tools.

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